Month: May, 2010
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Anyone have a dad, or know a dad? If you love him, show him this! If you don’t love him, show him this anyway.  If you’re completely ambivalent towards him, I’m thinking you should still show him this.

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I was giving some thought to what I should Name My band
“What should I name my band?”, I thought. I was going to name it CATS ARE ASSHOLES, but I figured someone else must already be using that. Then I was thinking about THE RIPPIN’ DICKS, but that wasn’t quite as classy as I wanted to be with this. I toyed with THE PLAYERS but that seemed a little pompous. So I thought, maybe ELEPHANT TIED US, but it was just a tad too clever for its own good. Also came up with DILL DOUGH, but that was backhandedly distasteful and I couldn’t respect myself if I opted for something crass like that. Gave some thought to THE RAZOR-WIRED MEMBERS, but that was just plain weird and made my penis feel uncomfortable.
So ultimately I couldn’t even decide on a name. But I’m not actually in a band so it’s really not a big thing.

THE POOR SQUID by Crosby Ruhalter
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Crosby is 8 years old and fixing to steal your heart with his comic stylings.

WANTED: Artistic Interpretations of THIS…
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My son Crosby presented me with this drawing last December. It became my de facto Holiday Card – Satanic Pooping Commando Reindeer. But we at the Institute are interested in the impressions of others. Please leave comments with your interpretations of this piece if you would be so kind.