When i thought about it, i realized that here are all sorts of epiphanies and, I think, they all deserve names of their own.

STRIPIPHANY: Realization you come to when you’re naked
GYPIHPANY: When you suddenly realize that someone ripped you off.
DRIPIPHANY: The startled feeling you get when you get hit by something wet.
ZIPIPHANY: When you suddenly notice that your fly is down
TRIPIPHANY: A vivid insight you gain while under the influence of LSD but will never remember again.
LIPIPHANY: When you note that “Hey, this person is NOT a good kisser.”
TIPIPHANY: Suddenly catching a glimpse of a guy in the locker room who’s uncircumcised
WHIPIPHANY: Realization that your friends all think you’re a wuss for spending too much time with your girlfriend.
SNIPIPHANY: Realization upon returning from the barber that you got an awful haircut
EJIFFANY: When you taste real peanut butter, the healthy kind, and realize you only like the tasty bad for you kind.
SLIPIPHANY: When you notice that you’ve stepped on a patch of ice and are about to land on your ass
VIP-IPHANY: Feeling of inadequacy when you are at a club and you notice that there’s a roped off section for special people where you are not welcome.
EPIPHIPIPHANY: Realization that you just had an epiphany

For more clever wordsmithification, check the videos at www.TheKidDictionary.com . Man is it FUNNY!