All year long, kids defy description. Around the holidays especially though, children exhibit traits, behaviors and ideas that there are no words to describe. “The KidDictionary: Words Parents Need To Describe Their Kids” ( hopes to provide you with a much needed working lingo that will empower you to put the ways of your kids into words.

JINGLEBERRY (JING-uhl-behr-ee)  n. :  A Christmas Carol or other holiday song whose lyrics have been changed to incorporate potty talk and other themes contrary to the season the songs were intended to celebrate.

SHIRTURBED (shurr-TERBD) adj.:   Annoyed state of a child who just received an article of clothing as a present.

RAMPAPER (rahm-PAY-puhr) v.:    To ferociously shred through the gift-wrap on a present with no regard for the festive design nor the time and care that went into wrapping it.

SAINTNICKTRONIZE (saynt-NICK-truh-nize) v.:  To feign belief in Santa Claus with hopes of a bigger Chrstmas payload.  (See:  EASTERBLUFFING)

KODICK (KOH-dik) n.:  The child who refuses to cooperate in the taking of the family Holiday card photo.

SLEDENTARY (SLEDD-en-tehr-ee) adj.:  A child’s state of being so bundled up to face the winter elements that they cannot move.

STOCKINSOMNIA (STAHK-inn-sahm-nee-uh) n.: The inability to get to sleep on Christmas Eve

SANTASTROPHE (sann-TASS-truh-fee) n.: A parent’s misconception that their baby will enjoy being handed to an enormous, white-haired, bearded stranger in a blood red suit for a Christmas photo.

CHRISTINGENCY (criss-TINN-jen-see) v.:  Routine act of using holiday gift giving as a means of blackmailing one’s children.

INPLAYTIABLE (in-PLAY-shee-uh-bull) adj.: – Filled with the desire to own every single toy advertised on television

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