I was giving some thought to what I should Name My band
“What should I name my band?”, I thought. I was going to name it CATS ARE ASSHOLES, but I figured someone else must already be using that. Then I was thinking about THE RIPPIN’ DICKS, but that wasn’t quite as classy as I wanted to be with this. I toyed with THE PLAYERS but that seemed a little pompous. So I thought, maybe ELEPHANT TIED US, but it was just a tad too clever for its own good. Also came up with DILL DOUGH, but that was backhandedly distasteful and I couldn’t respect myself if I opted for something crass like that. Gave some thought to THE RAZOR-WIRED MEMBERS, but that was just plain weird and made my penis feel uncomfortable.
So ultimately I couldn’t even decide on a name. But I’m not actually in a band so it’s really not a big thing.